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SKITTLES CRAZYS are delicious candy grageados fruity acidic.
6,95 €
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Cubo de 125 piruletas en forma de corazón gigante de sabor fresa y con colorantes naturales de la marca Lekky y fabricado por JL Montijo. Sin gluten.
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9,78 € 10,29 € -5%
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Gummies in the shape of a orca whale of the brand Trolli.
9,79 €
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Bag of chewing gum in the form of stuffed melon pike 250Uds. of the brand Fini. Gluten-free, lactose-free and egg-free.
9,95 €
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Pot of 40 cones or turbinates summer of wafer filled with a sweet dough dry for several flavors of the brand King Regal. Gluten-free.
7,50 €
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Blister pack of four chocolate Bliss box or exhibitor 16 Pcs distribuidio by Lekky perfect gift, especially for christenings, communions...
2,49 €
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Pot of licorice 200Uds. in the form of tapes or tongues of colors or rainbow-coated bites of the brand Fascini and distributed by Lekky.
7,95 €
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Pot of marshmallows or clouds of strawberry-coated chocolate 1Kg. 180Uds. brand Carletti and distributed by Saet Sweets.
7,35 €
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Bag of gummies 125Uds. whale-shaped and cola flavour of the brand Kaamera. Gluten-free. Without Egg. Without lactose.
7,65 €
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Box of 200 gum mint flavor without sugar and without gluten of the brand FINI.
6,99 €
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Pot of 1Kg. honey blue agave organic from the american manufacturer Wholesome Sweet.
13,99 €
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Pot of 1.47 Kg of crackers in the form of 8 manufactured by San Francisco Pretzel Company.
15,99 €
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Bag of florets wafer pica 250Uds. Gluten-free. Ideal for decorations of cakes of sweets or gummies.
11,95 €
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Bag of gummies in the shape of bananas-whipped-coated sugar 1Kg and 250Uds. Gluten-free and fat-free.
4,11 €
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Corn or kikos toasted the brand Churruca. Gluten-free.
14,95 €
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