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Craft beer Cerex Gaits taste ham of 330 m.l. presented in opaque bottle glass. Ranked as the best craft beer in Spain.

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The first beer in the world made with acorn-fed ibérico ham.

Cerex Gait has been obtained in June of 2016, the fifth golden star in Superior Taste Award, organized by the prestigious International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels, made by the best chefs and sommeliers in the world.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, acorn-fed ibérico ham, hops, yeast. 7% Vol. Lac.

Visual phase:

  • Color garnet-red, transparent with good quality foam.

  • Slightly cloudy, with the bottom of a dark reddish colour with garnet highlights.

  • Layer of foam, with large bubbles over the entire surface, inviting to drink.

Olfactory phase:

  • Aroma is moderately fruity notes due to the hops, with the presence of notes persistent iberian acorn-fed ham.

  • Smell of wet grass – rustic, clean and pronounced, with a tinge of caramel and notes of toasted wood.

  • Fresh on the nose, with a subtle touch of yeast.

Gustatory phase:

First impression:

  • Their appearance and aromatic profile cause that is a beer drink easy with a final refreshing.

  • Touches of grapefruit; the consistency of the foam prevents a rapid warming of the beer; taste fruity-floral and a touch pronounced to jamón ibérico de bellota, with a step in the mouth round.

  • The alcohol is well integrated, so it is a beer with a correct acidity and a pleasant taste.

  • Start rough, strong in the mouth, fading briefly to give a drier finish, which ends in caramel.


  • Regarding sweet flavors, with a bitter finish.

  • Medium-bodied, intense and robust as in smell.

  • Start salty, cut it to sweet; it goes acorn-fed ibérico ham on the mid-palate; the support of its acidity makes it a beer that is fresh and vibrant.


  • Dry finish, very harmonious, with notes of hops until the end.


  • Ideal to serve with cold cuts.

  • Stews and roasts of suckling pig, lamb or goat.

  • Game meats: stew, stews, roasted or baked. The bitter touch of the beer accompanies very well the step of the game meat, and encourages them to continue eating.

  • Ave: well, roasted or grilled. It also goes perfectly with pickled partridge and grilled chicken.

  • Cheeses of all types, especially semi-cured with a crust of paprika and cheese.

  • Beer is ideal to wait while being served lunch or dinner; in this case, we recommend that you accompany it with nuts or almonds.

  • Mushrooms of the season: good combination with stews of wild mushrooms, stews, and grilled mushrooms (boletus, milk caps, lens hood, etc)

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Craft beer Cerex Gaits taste ham of 330 m.l. presented in opaque bottle glass. Ranked as the best craft beer in Spain.

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