¿Sabes qué son aceitunas gazpacha? Te lo contamos

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Do you know how dress olives gazpacha? We tell you all about this traditional dressing
Do you want to know how dress the Gazpacha olives? Keep reading, you don't need to be a kitchenettes to prepare your freshly picked olives and get an exquisite gazpacha dressing.

What is Gazpacha dressing?

Aceitunas Escamilla

The Gazpacha dressing has a long tradition in the Mediterranean area and therefore is a recipe that we have acquired from our elders. How to take some olives with gazpacha dressing? You can accompany any meal with them. Good for an aperitif with your family or friends, as well as an ingredient of many recipes such as salads.

How is the process?
The process may be longer or shorter than the freshly picked olives of the tree cannot be consumed. Why? They contain large amounts of oleuropein which makes them a very bitter fruit.
Therefore, if you have olives which have already been removed from the bitterness you can go directly to the dressing. It's not your case and you have to take it off? Don't worry, we'll explain in a few steps how to do it:

Is it necessary to remove the bitterness of the olives?

We would have to select the right olives. How do you know which ones are right? As simple as discarding those that come chopped, open or brown tones.
We already have our prepared olives, now we need to crush or open them. This will allow the bitterness to disappear before. If you decide to open them you only have to make a cut with a knife.
However, to remove the bitterness faster and better opt by crushing them: put them on a board and machácalas with some kitchen element.
We only have to place our olives in a container covered with water and let them stand for 7 to 9 days. In this time you have to change the water every day.
Once the time has passed, we try the olives, if they have an unbearable bitterness we leave them 3 to 5 days more following the same process. You will see how the olives have been transformed to a dark green color by pulling brown and have a pinch of bitterness.

How is the dressing done?
Now it's all ready to prepare our gazpacha dressing.


Table Olives
Paprika from La Vera
Vinegar, water and salt

Do not use a metal or aluminum container for preparation. We need the container to be clogged. The ingredients are added to the taste of each one. With the only thing you should be careful with is salt: 100 grams of salt per liter of water.

In our bowl we add a first layer of olives. Chop half roasted pepper in small dice, take a handful of salt, carrots, gherkins, onions, a teaspoon of paprika, 3 garlic and 30 ml of white wine vinegar.

We repeat this procedure until we finish with the olives. Already in the last layer we add all the above and the chilies to taste of each one.
Once we have all the ingredients in the bowl we cover water to the top. We have to make sure that everything is covered to prevent mold from being generated. We cover and leave for a week closed so that the olives take the taste of all the flavors.

Let the mixture rest for about a week and we will have our exquisite olives seasoned gazpacha.
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