Benefits of Hibiscus Flower.

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At some point in our life we have all been able to hear from the great benefits of the flower of Jamaica or Hibiscus Flower. It has an intense red color, semi-sour taste and refreshing sensation, make the flower of Jamaica or hibiscus flower mostly consumed as an infusion, however it can be used for more elaborate salads or saucers, even not found crystallized.
Some of its properties and benefits are the following:
1. The Flower of Jamaica is native to the horn of Africa specifically from Ethiopia. Its arid nature makes it easily available in Mexico or Spain, it can even be generated wild.


2. One of its main properties is to be diuretic, that is, it causes to urinate more than normal, which cleans the liver and kidneys. However, people with renal impairment or gastritis should moderate their consumption, because it alters the acidity in their body.


3. The increase in urine causes the release of toxins from the body, thereby helping to lose weight. In addition to cleaning the organism internally.


4. Helps lower blood glucose levels of people suffering from diabetes.


5. It is recommended to use the maximum flower three times, without being boiled in each, otherwise it would lose its nutritional properties.


6. has medicinal benefits that help alleviate insomnia and diseases related to skin irritation.


7. Contains vitamins a, c, b1 and e, minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus, which helps to maintain the health of bones and teeth.


8. is a plant that can function as dewormer, with benefits.


9. Helps reduce blood pressure because it inhibits an angiotensin converting enzyme, which stimulates diuretic action.


10. Helps to reduce harmful cholesterol and lower triglycerides, so that their consumption in water prevents cholesterol from being group and forms plates that may obstruct the arteries.


Consuming the flower of Jamaica or hibiscus flower daily brings benefits to our health, as well as giving a touch of flavor to our diet. So if you like the taste of this flower, don't hesitate to use it, because there's plenty of reason to do it.
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