A parent checks the candy your child receives on Halloween and discovers something incredible

Posted on6 Years ago

Adrian Johnson had to share the amazing discovery in his account of Twitter, and is that no-one he could not believe that someone had given one of his children a package of crackers with an expiration date of may 15, 1999.

“I think I've just eaten a biscuit (from a package that gave our children as they trick-or-treating) that expired 18 years ago. It is not a joke,” wrote Johnson in his personal profile, the text accompanying a photo of the cookies in that you can observe expiry of the same.

But the thing was not there, because due to the fact that the publication became viral, with thousands of retweets, the company that manufactures the cookies you have answered the message from Johnson: “18 years... that package has the right to vote. Send us a direct message and we will send you crackers.” So in the end, although the company is not the originator of such fact, has responded in a way that has been applauded in the Network.

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