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The nuts are an important source of essential fatty acids and provides vitamin E, which is essential to combat the cholesterol and the ageing of the skin and the hair. Its high concentration of proteins and minerals make them a good meat substitute and, if taken natural, they are suitable for celiacs and lactose intolerant.

In addition they help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, or certain types of cancer. But its great value for our health is the intake of antioxidants that are supposed to integrate them into our diet, especially during the menopause.


It is considered as the queen of nuts. One nut can contain up to double the amount of antioxidants and of better quality than any other. In fact, its antioxidant is between 2 and 15 times higher than that of vitamin E. Its high content of phytoestrogens, chemical compounds found in some foods of plant origin, makes it highly recommended for improving bone density, reduce cholesterol levels and alleviate the hot flashes.

The nut is considered the queen of nuts. Has important benefits for the skin, bones, or heart.

Doctors recommend drinking between five and seven nuts a day. Can be a great snack in between meals, or can be added to salads, in cake or as the main ingredient for sauces.


Known as the “aspirin natural” almonds also have a high content of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging. Take 20 almonds a day is equivalent to half of vitamin E that we need on a daily basis. In addition, they are one of the plant sources rich in calcium, therefore are indicated to prevent osteoporosis.


The pistachios are the perfect ally to combat the cholesterol and the hypertension produced by the stress. They are also rich in vitamins A and C, have antioxidant properties, and contribute to our body large amount of necessary minerals, such as selenium (enhancer of defenses), magnesium (strengthens bones), potassium (regulates heart rhythm and blood pressure) and iron (for transporting oxygen in the blood). If taken with moderation, pistachios also help you lose weight because of its high fiber content.


Hazelnuts are rich in fiber and are a source of calcium, and are therefore indicated for osteoporosis. They are also indicated to regulate cholesterol and have a high antioxidant power. In addition, they are rich in folic acid, therefore they are suitable for pregnant women, and in phosphorus, which promotes memory and concentration.


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