What are the gummies made of?

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In the early 1960s, its sale was limited exclusively to the pharmaceutical sector. These were mint-flavored rubber candies indicated in the cough treatment. However, such acceptance was that new ranges of products were gradually created under the same brand. Although gummies popularly mean endless baubles, "technically" they are rubber candies.

Fresones, bears, worms, fried eggs, hearts... and all to which more appetizing. With flavors of a thousand fruits and coated with sugar or with an irresistible shine. But what's behind that look so attractive to the consumer and especially to the little ones?

They are made from three basic components: sugar, glucose or fructose syrup and gelatin. In addition, food additives, such as dyes, are added, "which in our case are completely natural, because there are some that produce hyperactivity and neglect in children and, therefore, for a couple of years we have eliminated them"

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