Burmar sweets points to the ecological with ' eco Jellies '

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The company Burman sweets, manufacturer of candies and other confectionery products, based in Badajoz, has just presented a new range of ecological treats, in line with the growing demand for more natural products, as Alimarket analyzed in its last ' Sectoral report ' of the sector last December. Under the teaching of ' Eco Jellies ', and suitable as a vegan product, the line of rubber candies is available in natural flavors such as strawberry-caramel, mango-peach and apple with cinnamon and licorice, in reusable BPA free pots of 80 g. has certificate Green and coloured with fruits and vegetables, with 10% juice and 100% natural. In addition, they contain no gluten, no lactose, it is made without preservatives and 0% fatty matter.

Burmar Sweets se apunta a lo ecológico con  Eco Jellies

The launch is one step closer to the new commercial strategy initiated by Burman Sweet in 2016 with the presentation of the brand of jelly candies ' Burman Gourmet ', a line of healthy sweets free of fats, without colorants, preservatives or salt, Enriched with collagen, coenzyme Q10, Omega 3, for the range ' The beauty's by Burman ', and calcium, zinc and vitamins E and K for ' Burman calcium and Honey ', aimed at children. Its commercialization is being centralized in impulse and also supply chains like the English cut, although the commercial map is extensible to pharmacies, natural and gourmet food stores, and even hotels, restaurants and for its post sale online in Portals as Cashgolosinas.

Source: www.alimarket.es

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