How to fill balloons without helium

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Look at the Japanese trick to inflate balloons. You'll never use helium again!

If you run out of helium to inflate the balloons, your fiesta don't worry, with this new trick we'll show you the trick the Japanese use to inflate the balloons. Helium is the lightest gas, that's why it floats. But unfortunately it's very expensive and if you want to inflate a lot of balloons you'll need a lot of money. We'll teach you a way to save money by inflating balloons with other materials that have the same effect as helium and are much cheaper.

You'll need the following:

1 empty bottle of 2 liters (can be soft drink)
1 funnel
500 grams baking soda
500 milliliters white vinegar
Balloons of your choice

This preparation gives you 20 balloons.

Place baking soda inside the balloon, fill it halfway down as follows:

Then place the 500 ml of white vinegar inside the bottle and balloon into the mouth of the bottle without the baking soda falling into it, as the following image:

Lift the balloon so that the baking soda falls into the bottle and it should start to inflate.

I hope and it works for you so you can save money. Remember to do this with an adult.

With information from Experimentosymas.com

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