So how and when to take them?

How and when to take them?

We have to put some limits on how many shots we can take in the week. It is not good to take them every day, the best thing is that most days we spend them without mutts, and thus be able to make the little ones see, which is something that is taken on special occasions, such as a birthday, weekend, when we go to the movies,... and that are habits that can be taken for something daily.

A maximum number of treats must be agreed per week. It is not convenient for every day to be taken: there must be "days without sucks" (most) and "days with chuches" within the week, so that the child understands that they are justified exceptions (a birthday, weekend, etc.).

Try to diversify them (not all "chuches" are nutritionally the same) and distribute them to avoid spot sugar overloads. If you can choose, the better the ones that weigh the least: with the same volume or amount (that's what the child perceives) it will ingest fewer calories.

Avoid "continuous pecking": They should be grouped together and taken "as dessert" from one of the meals. Better sitting at the table, avoiding choking.

And always after a good tooth brushing, because you already know...

Source and image: AEPap



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