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Steps to follow

Buy products in the online store www.cashgologinas.com you will find it very easy, comfortable and fast.

If during the process will there be any doubt, you have at your disposal our Customer Service for any doubt or question, stating:

Phone: +34 924 95 14 28


Fax: +34 924 95 14 28

To make your purchase is necessary to register as a client, this mode provides the necessary data for the contact, shipping and billing. The process is done by filling in the registration form and is only necessary on your first purchase.

Do not worry about to perform this operation before you begin to buy, the system will ask for your registry in the time required.

From the log, the system will provide keys "User" and "Password", which you can use for future purchases or queries. In case you do not remember your keys, click on "Forgot your password" or contact us and we will facilitate.

The detailed process steps of the purchase are the following:


Select the desired product. Click the "buy" button that accompanies the product. The chosen product will be added to your shopping cart (to the right of the page), where you can indicate the number of units that you want. Repeat this operation with all those products you want to buy. When you have added all the products chosen, access the shopping cart (to the right of the page). If once in the cart you want to incorporate new products, simply click on “continue shopping” and return to the zone of product in store. If you want some product and can't find it, let us know through our customer service and we will attend you gladly.


Select one of the four methods of payment that we offer depending on your necesidedas.

See all payment options available


Once you have finished the whole process of purchase, we will send you an e-mail to the email address that you have provided us, which listed all the details of your order. Please, if you do not receive it please contact our Customer Service.

In case you have chosen the payment by bank transfer, you must also indicate the bank account www.cashgologinas.com that you can do it.

To be able to expedite the activation of your purchase, please reach out to our Service of Attention to the Client the proof of transfer, either by fax or by e-mail, clearly stating your name and order number on the confirmation e-mail.

The availability of agricultural products is subject to stock cooperatives. If a product promptly found itself exhausted, we will inform you immediately.