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Forms of payment

At the time of placing your order you will be able to select the form of payment that best suits your needs:


Once you have completed your order, you will be able to know in detail the total of the same in an email that will arrive immediately. Once received, must be made a bank transfer to the account 2100 0732 xx xxxxxxxxx of The Bench.

When you have made the transfer to the above bank account, send a copy of the proof of this by fax to the +34 924 67 69 91 or by e-mail to the dirección:cashgolosinas@cashgolosinas.com.

The receipt of the supporting documentation, the administration will give orders to the logistics services for the shipment of your order.

Important Note

While among the forms of payment accepted for professional clients is the possibility of direct debit, the first order in www.cashgolosinas.com you can only be paid via bank transfer, cash or credit card.

For subsequent orders you will be able to debit the payment and even ask for a deferred payment, provided that you are a company or a professional.


With this form of payment will pay your order at the time of receipt to the transport company that delivers. This form of payment has a surcharge of 3% with a minimum of 4 € + VAT, and is noted when viewing your shopping cart.

Important Note

This form of payment will only be accepted for orders not exceeding an amount of € 300. If your order exceeds this amount, the system will not allow to select this mode, hiding it automatically.


If you want to make the payment through credit card, use the payment system 3DSecure. This is the new form of payment developed by VISA and MASTERCARD that enables the realisation of safe shopping on the Internet and authenticates the purchaser as the legitimate holder of the card that you are using.

From now on you will need a secret key that your own bank will make it easier. This makes it impossible to fraud on the network and ensures total security in transactions.

How to get the secret key?

Your secret key will through the bank or savings bank that has issued your card. If you are already a client of electronic banking in most cases you'll be able to order it online directly.

The process is very simple and similar to the current one.

When you choose the way of payment by VISA card will ask you the number and the expiration date as up to now.

At this time pop up a screen in which the bank will ask you for your secret key (Remember that this key is NOT the form the three numbers found on the back of the card, but you will get through your bank or box). Then, our secure server receives the response that everything is correct.

We remind you that this form of payment has no charge.