What are they?

What are they?

Chuces y golosinasThe treats stand out as a generally sweet delicacy (although there are also savory treats), whose sole purpose is to satisfy our cravings. They are mainly consumed by children and teenagers, but this does not take away, so that at certain times we all want a bite of that delicious delicacy.

The colloquial way of calling this candy, and which we all know, is "chuche" and we could say that it is more used than its real name "candy".

For this purpose of "eating between hours" or "pecking" various groups of foods with different nutritional characteristics may be used, such as:

1.- Sweets and sweets (candy, gummies, chewing gum,...): sugars and fats predominate in their composition, in addition to additives.

2.- Chocolates (chocolates, Easter eggs,...): cocoa and sugar, in addition to milk, butter and fats. When these chocolate and biscuit bars are associated with nuts and caramel ("snacks") their calorie content soars.

3.- Snacks (fried potatoes, barks, nuts,...): fats and oils with high caloric value and excess salt.

4.- Shakes, yogurts and ice cream: milk and additives, at best.

5.- Juices: few calories, lots of sugar and lots of vitamin C... but whole fruit (fiber) is always better.

6.- Buns and biscuits: carbohydrates and fats (most coconut or animals, which are saturated fats, i.e. those that worsen blood cholesterol).

The first three groups are the ones that best fit the concept of "chuches", being the most used by Spanish children (this also influences customs)

Source: AEPap



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