Can they be harmful?

Can they be harmful?

Baubles, like many other things, are too harmful, and this is the face that is left to them....

1.- Inapetence: taking this type of products at will and without any control, causes a lack of appetite when it comes time for conventional food. Your empty calories cause enough satiety.

2.- Cavities: they are mostly refined sugars that favor the development of microorganisms that attack the tooth plate. It is not possible to maintain the necessary dental hygiene when these products are being consumed at any time of the day.

3.- Allergy: additives give color, flavor and aroma that contribute to enhance their attractiveness. Some can be cumulative, favoring skin reactions and rashes (urtics or outbreaks of atopic dermatitis) or even asthma (azo dyes).

4.- Obesity: baubles are hypercaloric products. If the amount of sugars ingested exceeds storage limits, excess blood glucose is transformed into fat in adipose tissue. In addition, establishing the habit of snacking on a daily calorie intake that is already appropriate will result in weight gain. Every day it is more common to see in our consultations the evolution of preschoolers "who do not eat" towards obese schoolchildren, coexisting a diet "to taste and without schedules" with an increase in sedentary lifestyle (duties, television, video consoles,...). Especially the growing habit of watching television by simultaneously eating some kind of bauble should be avoided.

5.- Choking: it is probably the most common life-threatening urgency in childhood... with the aggravation that it is often avoidable. Food is an act that requires your attention, avoiding distractions: you should ensure that the child does not run, laugh, cry or talk with food in his or her mouth. Nuts shall not be offered or available to children under 4 years of age.

Source: AEPap



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