Should they be banned?

Should they be banned?

No, children should do things like children (especially if their little friends eat them). Although paradoxical, they can be a good excuse to "reinforce" good habits on which to make exceptions. They can even be helpful in incentiving a child's self-control. It's better to "because you've been good, this weekend you can take two sugar-free gums," than the "if you don't cry in the doctor I'll give you a suck-up": in this case the child will do things wrong for the father to "come and negotiate". It is preferable that "positive reinforcements" be indirect and by actions already passed.

It should be made clear that well treats such as excess baubles are harmful, but we cannot ban children from doing things like children. They can keep taking baubles without problems, the important thing is that both children, and the elderly, are able to control the amount of treats you eat.

Many psychologists claim that instead of seeing treats as harmful, many children can learn with them to catch good habits on which to make exceptions.

Source: AEPap



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